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foreal tho..if these sick ass mass murderers/serial killers can be buried in US fucking soil after terrorizing AMERICAN PEOPLE, what’s the difference with Tamerlan being buried here?

oh right…he’s muslim.

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So James Holmes, the guy who shot up a movie theater and murdered twelve innocent people, which has been confirmed, can get a fair trial and the chance to plead not guilty by reason of insanity but Jahar, a SUSPECT who technically has not killed anyone to our knowledge, is already facing the possibility of the death penalty. Okay sounds logical.

People are protesting Tamerlan’s burial

A half dozen protesters gathered outside the funeral home Sunday holding signs and American flags and chanting “USA!” One sign read: “Do not bury him on U.S. soil.” Several people drove by the funeral home earlier Sunday and yelled, including one man who shouted, “Throw him off a boat like Osama bin Laden!”

I CAN’T STAND PEOPLE! Why are there so many ignorant and biased people. There’s no EXACT proof that Tamerlan bombed the marathon but even if he did, why shouldn’t he be allowed to be buried? Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech shooter), who was born in a different country just like Tamerlan, killed 33 (30 more people than those that died in the marathon). But there’s not a single article about people protesting his burial site or anyone calling him a terrorist. Any person that kills people and causes terror among others should be considered a terrorist. But why are only Muslims considered terrorists? RELIGION SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Also, why haven’t there been any articles that question Tamerlan’s and Jahar’s mental stability? while people like James Holmes and Adam Lanza are considered to have “mental issues”. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR FOR MUSLIMS and this is coming from a non-Muslim. 



From the very beginning, NO ONE truly knows whether Jahar is innocent or guilty. But, I believe that people are innocent until proven guilty and all the so called “evidence” just doesn’t match up. Even though it’s your own belief, no one should be saying they believe 100% that Jahar is innocent cause at this point, no one knows. But what I hate is that the media keeps making it as if he’s already guilty, which is UNJUST! So many times in history, innocent people have faced the death penalty or jailed for crimes they didn’t commit. I just want Jahar to be treated fairly and I’m hoping that he’s innocent.

Also, his friends are being treated unfairly as well. If convicted they can face up to 7-8 years in jail? Seriously? They didn’t harm anyone and their lives shouldn’t be ruined.